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TEL Clean Track Mark-V, Mark-VZ, Mark-7/8, ACT-8 series
TEL Furnace IW6, VCF-615S, VDF-615S, Alpha-8S series
TEL Etcher 8500, 5000, 580LC, Unity series
TEL Scrubber SS-2, SS-4 series

GENES TECH provides used equipment refurbishment services. It can be according to customer’s requirements.

As at the Latest Practicable Date, our technical department comprises 70 engineers mainly Responsible for refurbishing and customizing used SME according to the specification of our customers. During the customization process, our engineers are responsible for the specification setting and the modification process. Our engineers will monitor the entire process closely and communicate with our customers frequently to ensure the necessary specification matched with our customers’ requirements.

Upon completion of the refurbishment, each SME is subject to in-house inspection under the quality control (i.e. testing) procedures before packaging and delivery to our customers to ensure that our products meet our strict quality control and specifications as well as those of our customers. GENES TECH owns four in Hsinchu.

EQ Modification

After passing our in-house inspection and checking, our customers may come to our premises to conduct a preliminary check on the finished products. Once they confirm preliminary acceptance, our products will then be packed and delivered to our customer’s site for on-site installation. In general, a product delivery payment of 40% to 60% of the order value is payable by our customers upon delivery. We usually deliver our products by air to our overseas customers and through land transportation to our customers in Taiwan. Pursuant to the respective purchase order, transportation and insurance costs could be borne by our Group or our customers. For our overseas customers, the risk of loss and damage of the goods is transferred from us to our customers when the products are delivered to our customers and we complete the installation and on-site testing.

During the Track Record Period, we did not experience any material disruption to the delivery of Our products which caused us to suffer loss or to pay compensation.

After the products are delivered to our customer’s manufacturing site, our engineers will install the SME in to our customers’ production lines. Our customers will then perform the testing and if required, our engineers are responsible for further modification until our customers are satisfied with the function and specification of the equipment. Normally, the installation period lasts for two months and the testing period lasts for one month.

GENES TECH owns expertise engineers can provide technical support and on site repair and maintenance.

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