About Us

Genes Tech Group Holdings Company Limited provides related semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME) service and technical consulting support in semiconductor industry. We are a turnkey solution provider and exporter of used SME and Parts. Our services include tool relocation, tool refurbishment, equipment module modification, repairmen and parts supply of SME.


Our Group headquarters locates in Hsinchu Taiwan. Since 2009, we have been providing turnkey solution of used SME and Parts to our customers. Our businesses are mainly focused on providing our customers with SME and Parts which are used in furnace, clean track and other semiconductor equipments, these tools are commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing process, which includes wafer fabrication, wafer deposition, photo-resist coating and development process. We are also a source of used SME and spare parts for our customer as part of our integrated turnkey solution service.


We valued our customers with an honest, positive and customer-oriented business philosophy. Our employees will provide the completed customer services with experienced technical support. This has also become a solid development foundation in our turnkey business.


Establishment of the Company


Establishment of BU of Equipment


Started a business and cooperation with TSMC for refurbished tools


Establishment of Genes Tech Started a Business in Singapore


Became a vendor to provide used SME in the production of 300mm wafer with turnkey solution for a leading semiconductor manufacturer global listed on the TWSE and the NYSE; Granted of “Important Capacity Improvement” by the customer


Grant of ISO 9001:2008 certification of quality management system; Established and moved to self-owned new headquarter building
Establishment of subsidiary in China


Established NBD
Started a business in the U.S.A


Granted of “Best Strategic Partner” by a subsidiary of a company listed on TWSE and NYSE which provides wafer fabrication and technology services


Listed on the GEM of HKEx


Market Geographic Segmentation


  • Taiwan

  • China

  • Singapore

  • South Korea

  • Japan

  • USA